Preserving Health & Safety

Tri-Star Technical's highest priority is preserving the health and safety of all those who encounter a work area under our control.

Since 2003, the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba (CSAM) has recognized our occupational health and safety program with its Certificate of Recognition (COR).

What does it mean to be a COR certified contractor? It means we take all reasonable and practical measures to prevent unsafe acts and conditions, and we document them. Measures such as: establishing and orienting all personnel on their legislated rights, responsibilities and roles; inspecting all areas to identify, assess, control and communicate hazards to all parties; developing and enforcing safe work practices and procedures for all tools and tasks; mandating, providing training and equipping all workers with personal protective equipment; maintaining all tools and equipment; providing job specific safety training and ensuring competency; conducting weekly toolbox talks and quarterly health and safety committee meetings; investigating all incidents and near misses and implementing corrective actions where necessary.


Annually audited and independently verified, COR is the highest national safety standard available to contractors in Canada.

Designated Safety Officer

Tri-Star Technical also supports safety among all workers with the inclusion of a designated Safety Officer. They certify all safety procedures are properly followed on the job site, and ensure all employees are up to date on the latest training and news.



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