For the professionals at Tri-Star Technical Ltd., the completion of an installation marks the beginning of the job, not the end.

Tri-Star Technical Ltd. stands behind the quality of its solutions and the workmanship of its professionals - we ensure a seamless and thorough client experience. Technical problems do not restrict themselves to regular office hours; neither do the professionals at Tri-Star Technical Ltd.

Tri-Star provides 24 hour service. Day or night, weekend or weekday, a single phone call to Tri-Star Technical Ltd.'s Emergency Contact Number 204-488-STAR (7827) (Ext. 0) accesses our services and maintenance professionals and allows customers facing a problem in their communications infrastructure to resolve it effectively and efficiently.

Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment to excellence in service and maintenance is not restricted to our own installations. Using the latest in diagnostic testing equipment, our experienced professionals can perform detailed site audits and inventories, reporting possible shortcomings and recommending a tailor-made solution.

Experience & Expertise

Whether auditing an unfamiliar system, maintaining an existing network or overhauling an outdated information infrastructure, Tri-Star Technical Ltd. has the equipment, experience and expertise.

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